Sentica is currently an active owner of 16 portfolio companies. Since 2004 we have exited 23 portfolio companies.




For the love of IT and customer service.

Chilit, in its present form, was born when Sentica acquired the majorities of two IT service companies in July 2016. Both companies' work attitude and great customer feedback coupled with complementing service offering and customer portfolios were the key factors in merging the two companies.

Chilit offers its customers a better IT life by producing services and solutions from the user's pocket all the way to the cloud. Chilit's primary clients are growth companies, organizations, medium-sized companies as well as in software licences also large Finnish companies. Flexibility and first class customer service are in the core of all operations.  

Sentica supports the company in expanding its service offering and customer base. 

Sector: IT services
Sales: (2017): €33 million
CEO: Kimmo Juuti
Web: www.chilit.fi
Entry: 7/2016
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Marjatta Rytömaa (case responsible), Antti Keränen and Mikael Autio


Industrial investments are usually complex projects with tight schedules and require large financial resources. Therefore it is crucial that the project proceeds as planned and that production can be started in the estimated time frame.

Citec offers technical engineering and information management services to its customers, of which many operate in the energy, oil and gas sectors. The company can take care of a project’s engineering design or a part of it, depending on the customer’s need. The company is passionate about delivering the most valuable expertise in the most efficient way.

During Sentica’s ownership Citec’s growth has been accelerated through several add-on acquisitions within its core segments. The company operates in 9 countries in Europe and Asia and utilizes its nearly 600 employee resources in India, offering its customers high quality expertise in demanding global projects.

Sector: Technical consulting
Sales: (2017): €69 million
CEO: Johan Westermarck
Web: www.citec.com
Entry: 5/2011
Fund: Sentica Buyout III
Deal team: Christer Niemi (case responsible), Antti Keränen and Mika Uotila


Helicopter pilots’ simulator training decreases significantly the amount of accidents, of which 80% are caused by pilots' mistakes. 

Coptersafety offers simulator training for professional helicopter pilots. Customers include the world's leading helicopter operators and public authorities, which offer services for the oil & gas sector, search & rescue missions as well as helicopter emergency medical operations. Coptersafety's customers come to train to Finland from Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America.   

Sentica's coming along enabled the largest ever investment in the helicopter training industry: In July 2016 the Company announced the construction of a 3,000m2 large training center and an order of five new simulators. The new training center has opened for training and there are three simulators at the moment. After the investment, Coptersafety will have the most versatile simulator offering and the company will stregthen its position as the only independent operator in the industry. Coptersafety aims to be the pioneer of helicopter pilot training, which offers the best customer service experience and has the broadest service concept.  

Sector: Training services for helicopter pilots
Sales: (2017): €6 million
CEO: Mikko Dahlman
Web: www.coptersafety.com
Entry: 11/2015
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Antti Keränen (case responsible), Christer Niemi and Virva Vesanen


Func Food

Being fit and having a healthy lifestyle are the keys to success in today’s hectic world.

Func Food is a Nordic wellness and fitness group focused on functional food and beverages. Func Food's brand portfolio includes Finland's leading sports nutrition brand FAST, the pioneer of superfoods CocoVi and the functional beverage Celsius. Functional food products have become increasingly popular, and they are a great addition to one's daily diet for each and everyone targeting well-being and a healthier lifestyle.   

With Sentica’s support, Func Food wants to spread knowledge about healthy living and eating to every consumer in the Nordics. 

Sector: Sports nutrition and healthy snacks
Sales: (2017): €40 million
CEO: Robin Lybeck
Web: www.funcfood.com
Entry: 1/2014
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Mika Uotila (case responsible), Antti Keränen and Virva Vesanen 

Purkupiha Group

Demolish and recycle.

There is an increased need for high-quality demolition due to growing environmental awareness and hazardous substances in old buildings. Nowadays, the removal of asbestos and other hazardous substances, as well as re-use and recycling of building materials, are essential parts of almost every demolition project.

Purkupiha Group is a reliable service provider in all areas of demolition. The group’s business operations consist of heavy demolition, hazardous substance removal and recycling. These three co-operative business areas enable the group to provide comprehensive demolition services for its customers.

Sentica supports the group in its strong growth so that full-service demolition can be provided for ever wider customer base in the future.

Sector: Demolition and recycling
Sales: (2017PF): €22 million
CEO: Kari Kärkkäinen
Web: www.purkupiha.fi, www.dammega.fi
Entry: 12/2017
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Timo Sarkki (case responsible), Christer Niemi, Liisa Harjula and Kai Vesikallio

RD Velho

RD Velho designs a more intelligent world and is a leading provider of product and software development services.

A more intelligent world is created through the highest level of expertise, passion and innovation. The company’s strengths lie in business design, software solutions, embedded systems, mechanical engineering and design. RD Velho provides a unique combination of  product development as well as service and business design in the world of digital transformation.

The company’s vision is to design a more intelligent world together with its customers. It aims for continued rapid growth and being the leading partner for its customers and a great place to work.

Sector: R&D services
Sales: (2017): €16 million
CEO: Mika Kiljala
Web: www.rdvelho.com
Entry: 6/2017
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Marjatta Rytömaa (case responsible), Pentti Tuunala and Mikael Autio

Ropo Capital

Succeeding in today’s competitive and global markets requires companies to leverage on their key competences and concentrate on operations in which most value is added. Hence, outsourcing of administrative processes and tasks is sensible. Invoice lifecycle management can be handled cost-efficiently and professionally by a specialized service provider. Benefits include focusing on core business, cutting costs as well as significantly shortened receivables lifecycle. As a result, manual processes and errors are minimized, cash flow optimized and customer experience improved.

Ropo Capital offers a comprehensive service covering the entire invoice lifecycle, including invoicing via various channels, ledger, receivables management and financing. Ropo’s value proposition is based on automation and efficiency provided by its own software platform Ropo24, best-in-class customer service and agile integration projects.  Ropo’s unique services and technology concept accompanied by uncompromising expertise as well as domestic and responsible corporate values is a winning combination that is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Widening the shareholder base further strengthens Ropo Capital’s position and growth prospects. Sentica shares the management’s vision of the company’s future, which is based upon distinct and people-driven services, skilled personnel and effectively digitised processes. Sentica has supported Ropo in developing the core business, merging with the information logistics provider Enfo Zender, and will continue to facilitate Ropo’s journey to the next level.

Sector: Invoice lifecycle management
Sales: (2017): €37 million
CEO: Artti Aurasmaa
Web: www.ropocapital.fi
Entry: 3/2016
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Pentti Tuunala (case responsible), Johan Wentzel and Reeti Saarinen

Secto Automotive

Effortless car life.

Secto is recognized as an agile and flexible Finnish service company. Secto offers corporate customers what they are looking for, not only car leasing, but also payment plan options, fleet management tools as well as services for the car’s entire life cycle. Secto seeks for the best solution for its customers. Customers are satisfied and recommend Secto: “Surprisingly great service!”.

For Secto’s employees, the company is like a family. Daily work is driven by strong team spirit, inspiration and courage, not to mention passion towards cars. At Secto, the telephone is answered by a personal contact person, who remembers “oh yes, you had that Volvo..”

Sentica supports Secto’s strong growth and strategy, which is to act as the industry’s pioneer and reformer. Secto’s unique business concept has immense growth opportunities. 

Sector: Car leasing services
Sales: (2017): €181 million
CEO: Ville Alanen
Web: www.secto.fi
Entry: 3/2014
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Liisa Harjula (case responsible), Aitor de la Torre and Johan Wentzel


Today’s most important living trends are detached-type environments, ecological living, connection to nature, compact living in moderate-sized apartments, and proximity to central areas where jobs are located. Many of these trends can be serviced through wood module and wood element construction, as its benefits include reduced construction time, high quality and affordable price, for example. Considering wood itself, which is one of the few truly ecological building materials, the list of the concept’s advantages expands to include factors such as better indoor air quality, recyclability, as well as low energy consumption during the lifecycle. Modular construction and the use of wood as building material is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Sisco Oyj is a residential construction company that specializes in solid wood structures as well as module and element solutions. The company focuses in the development of affordable and ecological solid wood residential buildings in Finland's growth centers. Sisco’s approach addresses many of the challenges induced by continuing urbanization. The quality, ecological sustainability and innovation in Sisco’s solutions matches the market’s demand today and in the foreseeable future.

With Sentica’s backing, Sisco will have even better resources than before to pursue its growth strategy. Sentica will support Sisco in scaling up the company’s core business and in developing the concept further.

Sector: Residential construction
Sales: (2017): 53 MEUR
CEO: Tero Salo
Web: www.sisco.fi
Entry: 11/2016
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Johan Wentzel (case responsible), Eero Leskinen and Reeti Saarinen


E-commerce changes and disrupts traditional ways of trading by enabling new distribution channels and business models.

The leading Finnish e-commerce solution provider, our portfolio company Descom, merged with Solteq in July 2015. The new entity is a fast growing visionary specialist and service partner in omnichannel and digital commerce.

During the period when Sentica was the majority owner of Descom, organic development and growth was supported by three acquisitions. Solteq continues its strong growth by creating new business to its clients and new ways to serve clients in the areas of purchasing, point of sales and e-commerce. 

Sector: IT services
Sales: (2017): €62 million
CEO: Olli Väätäinen
Web: www.solteq.com
Entry: 7/2009
Fund: Sentica Buyout III
Deal team: Mika Uotila (case responsible)


Some generations ago, a large share of the world’s children enjoyed the opportunity to simply go outdoors to move and play in yards, parks and forests near their own familiar neighborhoods. Due to urbanization, such opportunities have become scarce and, in many cities, it is not easy to find playgrounds anymore. Many children and youth today get to experience physical activity only through serious and demanding sport hobbies rather than as a normal recreational activity with relaxed fun and enjoyment. At the same time, online and mobile gaming offer fast-paced stimulus and instant gratification, thus simultaneously raising the level of excitement expected also from physical leisure activities.

SuperPark addresses many of these modern challenges with a value proposition that combines joy, friendship and better health. The company develops and operates indoor activity parks in which children, youths and adults get to move and entertain themselves in an engaging, clean and safe environment. The concept is based on a hybrid model that includes three distinct areas within each park (adventure area, game arena and freestyle hall), and on digitalization of the activities as well as operations of the company. In addition to being a place for spending personal leisure time, the parks provide a great venue for events such as birthday parties, class trips, sports courses and corporate recreation days.

SuperPark was founded in Vuokatti in 2012, after which the company has grown at a fast pace and opened new parks around Finland. Strong evidence of the concept’s global attractiveness was gained in the end of 2017 when the first park outside of Finland was successfully launched in Hong Kong. Sentica supports SuperPark in the development of the company and its concept, and especially in accelerating its international expansion.

Sector: Indoor activity parks
Sales: (2017PF): €14 million
CEO: Juha Tanskanen
Web: www.superpark.fi
Entry: 4/2018
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Aitor de la Torre (case responsible), Reeti Saarinen and Johan Wentzel


Population growth and urbanization place increasingly higher demands for developing the infrastructures of communities and the connections between them. Additionally, maintenance of existing structures requires continuous efforts in the renovation of properties, networks and traffic routes. As community structures are becoming denser, there is a growing need for specialized infrastructure construction expertise.

TerraWise is an experienced and trusted partner for various types of infrastructure construction projects. The company focuses on delivering demanding projects related to environmental construction and specialized quarrying, offering a complete set of services in each area. TerraWise’s key value proposition is based on expertise, high-quality results and commitment to agreed schedules.

Sentica’s ownership creates the opportunity to bring together companies that are best-in-class in their respective focus areas. TerraWise’s clients will benefit from this through a versatile service offering and an even better customer experience.

Sector: Infrastructure construction
Sales: (2017): 82 MEUR
CEO: Juha Saapunki
Web: www.terrawise.fi
Entry: 12/2015
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Timo Sarkki (case responsible), Eero Leskinen and Reeti Saarinen


For a better working environment.

Optimal working conditions are a must in every work place. Treston makes working effortless, ergonomic and more efficient by providing industrial furniture and workstations for different industries.

Treston has been designing and building worktables, storage bins and other industrial furniture for more than 40 years. Today Treston is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of state of the art industrial furniture and storage systems. About 65% of production is exported, mainly to Scandinavia and Central Europe. Treston has sales organizations also in Germany, France, UK, Sweden and USA.

Sentica aims together with management to strengthen Treston's position in industrial furniture in selected export markets.

Sector: Industrial furniture and storage systems
Sales: (2017): €42 million
CEO: Esa Siljander
Web: www.treston.com
Entry: 11/2011
Fund: Sentica Buyout III
Deal team: Eero Leskinen (case responsible) and Timo Sarkki

Ursviken Group

Industrial companies need first class machine tools to produce high quality products and services to their customers.

Ursviken has a long history as a leading producer of large press brakes. The company has delivered press brakes around the globe and is known for its unique efficiency and quality. Pivatic is part of Ursviken Group and manufactures sheet metal fabrication solutions. The company’s solutions are an optimal combination of efficiency and flexibility.

During the time that Sentica has participated in the development of the group, Ursviken Group has strengthened its sales and service network as well as maintained its position as a quality leader in the chosen product segments.

Sector: Sheet and heavy metal working solutions
Sales: (2017): €28 million
CEO: Tomas Johansson
Web: www.ursviken.com www.pivatic.com
Entry: 12/2005
Fund: Sentica Kasvurahasto II
Deal team: Eero Leskinen (case responsible), Christer Niemi and Mikael Autio


Vesivek on kehittänyt pientaloille kattoremonttikonseptin, jonka lupaus asukkaille on ”säältä suojaan yhdessä päivässä”. Yhtiön perustajan Kimmo Riihimäen kehittämä mullistava liiketoimintakonsepti perustuu tinkimättömään asiakaspalveluun, ammattitaitoiseen ja motivoituneeseen työvoimaan, standardoituihin prosesseihin, kuormanostureiden ja asennustelineiden käyttöön sekä oman tuotannon mahdollistamaan joustavuuteen. Teollisen konseptin korkean laadun osoituksena on ISO 9001:2015 -laatusertifikaatti, jonka Vesivek on saanut ensimmäisenä saneerausalan yrityksenä Suomessa.

Sentican tuella Vesivek on laajentunut maan kattavaksi 16 toimipisteen toimijaksi vastatakseen pien- ja rivitalojen kattoremonttien kasvavaan kysyntään. Pientalojen kattoremonttien lisäksi yhtiö valmistaa ja asentaa sadevesijärjestelmiä ja kattoturvatuotteita sekä myy niitä yritysasiakkaiden asennettaviksi Nesco-brändillä.

Kattoremontteja Suur-Tukholman alueella toteuttava tytäryhtiö perustettiin 2016. Konsepti on sovitettu vastaamaan ruotsalaisten pientaloasukkaiden tarpeita, ja yritys on kasvanut vuoden 2018 aikana myös Ruotsin markkinajohtajaksi. Ruotsissa on tällä hetkellä kaksi toimipistettä ja kolmas toimipiste avataan keväällä 2019.

Vesivek has developed a roof renovation concept for small houses, and promises a “turn‐key” roof renovation to be completed in only one day. The revolutionary business concept, developed by founder Kimmo Riihimäki, is based on non-compromising customer service, professional and motivated work force, standardized processes, utilization of hoist lift trucks and scaffolding as well as flexibility provided by own steel roofing sheet production. The company was the first in the renovation industry to be granted a ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate indicating the high quality of the industrial concept. 

With Sentica’s support, Vesivek has expanded to a nationwide network of 16 outlets to answer to the growing demand for roof renovations of single-family and row houses. In addition, the company provides installations of rainwater systems and roof safety products as well as offers corporate customers rainwater systems and roof safety products under the Nesco brand.

A Swedish subsidiary offering roof renovations in the Greater Stockholm area was founded in 2016. The concept has been adapted to meet the needs of Swedish house owners, and Vesivek bacame the market leader in 2018. At the moment Vesivek has two outlets in Sweden and the third will be opened during spring of 2019.

Sector: Roof renovations
Sales: (2017): €87 million
CEO: Kimmo Riihimäki
Web: www.vesivek.fi
Entry: 3/2014
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Pentti Tuunala (case responsible), Antti Keränen and Mika Uotila


The transformation of working life is here. Digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics are entering the labour market causing some jobs to disappear while new kind of versatile ways of work emerge. VMP offers services for the changing working life.  

VMP is a Finnish family company founded in 1988 in Turku, which majority ownership was acquired by Sentica in September 2017. The company's roots are in staffing business but during the recent years the company has expanded its service offering into other parts of working life such as recruiting, organizational development and self-employment services. The Group consists of VMP Varamiespalvelu, Personnel, Eezy and Alina. The company aims to strengthen its position among the leading staffing companies in Finland with even more customer-oriented and flexible service and by bringing totally new innovations to the labour market. 

Sentica supports VMP in the working life turmoil and wants to help both employers and employees to thrive in the transforming working life. VMP Plc was listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange's First North Finland marketplace in June 2018.

Sector: Staffing and HR services
Sales: (2017PF): €110 million
CEO: Juha Pesola
Web: www.vmpgroup.fi
Entry: 9/2017
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Liisa Harjula (case responsible), Mika Uotila and Virva Vesanen