We are 16 professionals with extensive experience in fields such as private equity, consulting, investment banking and various industrial sectors.


Mika Uotila

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Eero Leskinen

In Sentica I have an excellent opportunity to use the skills, knowledge and experiences which I have collected during my over 25 year-old career in Finland and abroad. Gathered experience helps in choosing good investment cases and in developing our portfolio companies through board work. My long history in management positions in international companies has given me a thorough understanding of challenges related to internationalization and the meaning of ownership structure in a company’s operations, decision making and development. I am very excited to be a part of Sentica’s team and to bring international insight into our portfolio company development.

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Christer Niemi

Time flies when your days are fulfilled with enthusiastic people and challenging tasks. Looking back at my career, I have had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and management of successful businesses as well as with eager and talented colleagues for nearly three decades. I started my career by analysing business models of listed companies and continued with advising companies in corporate finance. After my years in investment banking, I felt I had the right experience and a good toolbox for jumping into the private equity business. Here at Sentica my daily inspiration very much comes from the challenge of seeking and managing growth together with enthusiastic management teams, experienced board professionals and skilled colleagues – it is always people that make things happen! The most important lesson I have learned during my journey is that successful businesses are always created by passionate and dedicated people. 

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Marjatta Rytömaa

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to see various working environments during my career. I have a PhD in Biochemistry and I started out my career in research in Finland and the UK. I jumped into the industrial world in the beginning of the millennium and have ever since worked closely with R&D, production, quality, marketing, sales as well as business management. My career has based on continuous self-development. Healthcare related industries have always been close to my heart, but in Sentica I have had the opportunity to familiarize also with other sectors. In my current role I truly enjoy supporting companies and their management teams in finding their strengths and becoming successful. I strongly believe in the diversity of people and in the power of team dynamics.

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Aitor de la Torre

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Pentti Tuunala

My journey at Sentica started already at the end of 90’s after graduating from Tampere University of Technology and working with SME corporate financing and analysis for a couple of years. At Sentica I have gotten the opportunity to participate in developing great companies and business models, and removing bottlenecks of growth - while not forgetting challenges and failures. I enjoy working with motivated, energetic and innovative individuals and teams. Easy-going "can do" atmosphere coupled with humour is in my opinion the key to success and personally very important to me. Being in the front line of the Finnish PE- market for two decades has been an extremely motivating learning experience for me.

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Johan Wentzel

It is funny how, when looking back, it all seems to make sense. Long nights as a young investment banker struggling with numerous cases some ending successfully some without a result, a “road trip” with the biggest Icelandic bank at the peak of it all. It all was a fantastic journey and school for what I love doing today – supporting great companies in their ambitions to evolve, grow and prosper. The only thing I hate is saying goodbye. There is usually still so much to do and often lifelong friendships found among the teams making it all come true. On the other hand, someone else will continue and after all that is part of the game.

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Liisa Harjula

I have a master’s degree in both law and economics, and my roots can be found in Loimaa and Pohjanmaa. My career background lies strongly in the pharmaceutical industry – working as a lawyer for an international pharmaceutical company was at the same time a real life business school. Work tasks where I can participate in developing the big picture and where the results can be seen, inspire me. I always carry the responsibility in the things I am involved in. If I would name four important characteristics in my work, I would definitely choose the following: entrepreneurship, all-round education, professionalism and humor. My work at Sentica includes all of those, and that is why it is fun to head out to work every morning.

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Antti Keränen

When comparing my work here at Sentica to my previous career as an investment banker, it feels like sprint has changed into long-distance run. These jobs have lots of similar features, but it’s no longer a question of just transactions – the overall development work lasts for several years. I find myself privileged to have a chance to work with ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs and management team members who want to bring their companies to the next level with Sentica’s support. Each portfolio company has its special characteristics, growth plans and opportunities, which makes this so interesting and rewarding day after day. Sometimes the journey to the finish line is a bit bumpy, but that is a normal part of the race when you aim high. Challenges teach and winning teams solve them together in order to achieve the joint ultimate goal.

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Timo Sarkki

It is very hard not to get excited about a job, which in a short time can include interesting challenges ranging from water treatment in China to social welfare and health care development in Finland and furnishing industrial environments in Europe. The best aspect of my work is encountering numerous different and unique ideas, companies and especially people, which can be found in Finland. With some of these I have had the privilege to work with, and sometimes even with great success! Currently my role in Sentica is focused especially on portfolio company development, but also on screening for new investment opportunities, and considering the nature of our business, also exits. Due to my unlimited love for accounting and reporting, I have also got to leave my small footprint on portfolio companies’ and funds’ amazing world of reporting.

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Mikael Autio

I enjoy teaming up with people to create visions and to work on roadmaps to make these visions true. I am also passionate about focusing on how to make things better and simpler - to improve things. These characteristics led me first to work with consulting and later on to the private equity sector here at Sentica. I am very humble and thankful to be able to work with the passionate people at our portfolio companies and Sentica, and learn from them as we work hard to make our mutual visions come true. Currently I am participating in the development of RD Velho on its journey to the leading product development and IoT partner, and ICT service provider Chilit, that provides its customer with strong technical expertise and great customer service.

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Reeti Saarinen

Investing is about allocating scarce resources in the most efficient way possible, under varying degrees of uncertainty. Private equity investing, which always commands a balance between risk and return, is in the very core of this process. Working as a member of the Sentica team enables me to put my own capabilities to their greatest use in the search of the best returns. I have collected my personal set of tools required for this task during my previous work within corporate finance and investment banking, both in Finland and abroad. However, an investment’s return is not created on paper but it rather develops as a part of the story of one of our portfolio companies, with whom we work closely at all times until the ultimate common goal has been reached. Since joining Sentica I have worked on cases in various industries, most recently in infrastructure construction and credit management services.

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Virva Vesanen

I’ve been working for Sentica my entire career ever since I graduated from Aalto School of Economics back in the days. The best things about Sentica are the compassionate attitude towards private equity, straight-forward and innovative way of working as well as diverse personalities I get to work with both in the Sentica team and in our portfolio companies. I enjoy the opportunity to help many kinds of companies in different development phases and operating in various industries on their path to success. At the moment my portfolio companies include functional food company Func Food, helicopter simulator training center Coptersafety and one of the leading HR and staffing companies in Finland, VMP.    

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Kai Vesikallio

I joined Sentica in autumn 2017 after pursuing master’s degrees in both law and economics in Helsinki. During my studies, I worked mainly in business law and M&A in different law firms. At that time, I became interested in private equity; I find it fascinating, as endless curiosity and an inquiring mind are needed to identify, evaluate and develop successful businesses. Being surrounded by people who share these characteristics and enjoy what they do is simply great.

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Mervi Marttila

The numbers, the numbers! Sentica’s work is most of the time seen via its companies and their business. If you dig deeper you will find the factor behind them: the financial management of funds and the management company. This is my field and it is really interesting to work with our investors, the most important group behind this all. Since 2005, I have supported Sentica’s many functions such as the fund reporting, accounting, cash calls, repayments, moving to a new location and many other day-to-day management operations.

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Iida Pyykkönen

I started working in Sentica in January 2012. I have handled a wide range of different kinds of tasks from financial administration to organizing customer events and coordinating business trips. The best part of my job is that every day is different with their unexpected surprises. In my job I have also had the chance to meet lots of interesting people. It is very motivating and rewarding to be a part of Sentica’s brilliant and skilled team. Sentica’s smile, first impression and helping hand are words that describe best my work at Sentica.

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